Our strawberries taste the way you remember. We grow the wonderful Chandler variety that is plump – red and juicy all the way through – the way strawberries are supposed to be!





Wrap it in bacon or put it in a salad no doubt about it – we’ve got the best asparagus around!





Combine with our strawberries to make an out of this world strawberry-rhubarb pie! See our recipes page for a list of our favorites!




Seedless pickling cucumbers! Combine with our strawberries and make our delicious strawberry-cucumber salad or make some easy refrigerator pickles! See our recipes page for these and other mouth watering recipes!





Available pre-season, in the Spring, our Mountain Majesty tomatoes are started in the green house and vine ripened as the warm spring weather arrives. ¬†They’re sure to wet your appetite for summers finest!




Hanging Baskets

Brighten up your porch or patio with locally grown varieties of decorative flowering baskets.






Fruit Ciders

Our ciders are available year round. Strawberry Cider? Apple Ginger Cider? Yes, Please!

See our “No Fruit Left Behind” page for more a more in-depth look at our cider production.





Ice Cream

Our ice cream is considered Super Premium! It’s a cross between an ice cream and a gelato. Our smooth creamery creations are sure to put a smile on your families face! Have a particular taste in mind? Let us know! We can make it all!




From the hives on our farm! We let the bees do the hard work on this sweet treat¬†and you won’t believe how good it is!





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