Blackberries are perfect as a fresh snack on a sunny day. They’re meant to be shared, so savor every bite and every moment!





They’re not just high in antioxidants and dietary fiber – they’re plump, sweet, and delicious! Grab some of these for the family and let them be the judge – they’ll love every healthy bite!




Another great addition to your next summer barbeque! We have bi-color, white, and yellow varieties available.






The versatile vegetable everybody likes. We have zucchini and yellow varieties available. Add ’em to any recipe for a nice, fresh, healthy twist!







Yes, we grow peaches in NC too! Our peaches are grown right on the farm in the mountains of WNC.  Peaches, with their soft skin and sweet flesh, are a summertime staple. Sweet, juicy, and delicious, this classic summer fruit is a favorite!





Green Beans

We grow fresh, lat top mountain and heirloom green bean varieties. Snap ’em up while you can!




Summer’s finest! Vine ripened, homegrown tomatoes. Slice ’em, chop ’em, cook ’em or eat ’em like an apple¬†– they’re delicious no matter how you like ’em!

Homegrown Tomatoes – Guy Clark



Great for picnics and a heck of a lot better than what you’ll find at the grocery store, we’ve got the cantaloupes you’re looking for!



Asian Pears grown in the mountains of NC! Add to a salad or eat ’em on your way home from the market – you’ll love the way they taste!






We grow sweet cherries – and people love them! Like so much of our harvest, these are the perfect addition to your summer get-together or outing. They fly off the shelves!




Here’s a unique one for you! Spice up your next dish with our wonderful, fresh ginger. Local restaurants clamor to get their hands on it – you can too!




This leafy addition to our harvest makes for a great healthy choice! Make the freshest coleslaw you’ve ever had and rest easy knowing your family is getting the nutrients they need!




A summer staple! Add them to a salad, slice ’em, pickle ’em, or add them to a tzatziki sauce – no matter how you like them, ours are some of the best around!





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